Tinys No. 5 and Tinys Milk & Cookies are the most recent additions to Tiny Boxwoods Productions – a renowned upscale restaurant consortium based in Houston, TX. CRP partnered with head chef and co-founder Baron Doke to create an unforgettable experience tailored to the West University community in which Tinys No. 5 and Milk & Cookies resides. In order to differentiate the new sub-brands, CRP helped position the brand and its offshoot concepts through a series of brand exercises. The result: a new brand identity system that includes handcrafted logos, brand guidelines, and strategic messaging. The outcome of this process has equipped Tiny Boxwoods Productions with a well-defined strategy for expanding to new environments while delivering on their core brand promise – "to make each and every experience a memorable one."



Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Logo & Brand Identity System
Brand Guidelines
Packaging Design
Website Design/UX
Branding Collateral