Minor changes can go a long way in terms of packaging and branding. Small as they may seem, a great amount of care and effort goes into making slight changes to achieve the biggest pay offs. Shinola approached CRP wanting to update their retail shopping bag program. The original look and feel held a classic tone, but was somewhat unbalanced and competing with a glossy logo. CRP worked to explore options that would create a strong, rooted logo that would better suit the tone of the bag.

The biggest challenge was producing a paper with the right weight and the right tone of black. Hitting the desired color took a few sample runs, but with CRP’s guidance, the right color was achieved. What really brought the bags to life was the registered, embossed, matte black hot-stamp. After testing several different methods, the team chose one that would assure exacting impressions each time on every size bag. The result is a stunning, tone-on-tone bag that celebrates the craftsmanship of material selection, attention to detail, and quality production.



Packaging Consulting
Sampling and Prototyping
Custom Material Selection and Development
Sourcing Coordination, Purchasing, and Production