“There’s no better time to be a greater you than now.” It is with this ideology that the entrepreneurs behind Noble Branch approached CRP to hone in their brand strategy. Previously known as Ryko Nutrition, the founders wanted to extend beyond nutrition in order to build a lifestyle brand centered around overall health and well-being. CRP helped guide the company’s four founders through the development of its brand ethos and guiding mission. With the core belief that Nature, unaltered, provides all the human body needs –body and soul– the name Noble Branch was born. Noble Branch symbolizes the company’s most powerful differentiators: integrity, simplicity, and the power of human connection. Staying noble to one’s self is the foundation of not just health but personal well-being. Taking personal ownership of our health helps us grow and branch out to become better versions of ourselves. The brand identity features an abstract representation of these values, using bold, branch-like lines that form a network of interconnectivity. A single green “sapling” represents new life, personal growth, opportunity, and the optimism that comes with it. The resulting brand elements and packaging design that stemmed from the brand strategy all work to guide Noble Branch in their mission “to invite, inspire, and enable all to pursue their passions.”



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