The experience of “unboxing” reigns supreme when discussing e-commerce packaging – Dotcom’s study in 2016 found that 40% of shoppers base their repeat purchases on a positive unboxing experience. Not much has changed in 2018; a simple search on YouTube and Instagram will put the growth of the phenomenon quickly into perspective.

Unboxing Stats (as of April 2018):


What creates an exceptional unboxing experience? We’ve got some tips:

1. Keep it Simple

Minimalist boxes are sleek in their simplicity, adding an air of sophistication without overpowering the product inside. Instead of creating visual clutter with lots of fine print, a statement box like our streamlined Gemio design does all the talking.

2. Make it Personal

Going with a simple design doesn’t mean you need to skimp out on those small details. Boxes with a sense of self, as it were, make consumers all the more likely to share their experiences on social media. Little touches like these origami envelopes and customizable notecards in our Knack concept make Knack’s boxes a part of the consumer’s own personal brand, and are perfectly Instagram-worthy.

3. Design to Last 

Choosing your materials wisely is key; more durable materials provide both an eco-friendly alternative to the ordinary shipping box and a unique tactile experience for consumers. Not only that, but packaging with a bit more permanence functions as a surprise gift for customers to reuse again and again. Our work for Girlfriend Collective provides the perfect example; stylish and sustainable, these pouches made from 100% recycled cloth can be used however you like, from product storage to an on-the-go tote.