Tiny Boxwoods

Tinys No. 5 and Tinys Milk & Cookies are the most recent additions to Tiny Boxwoods Productions – a renowned upscale restaurant consortium based in Houston, TX. CRP partnered with head chef and co-founder Baron Doke to create an unforgettable experience tailored to the West University community in which Tinys No. 5 and Milk & Cookies resides. In order to differentiate the new sub-brands, CRP helped position the brand and its offshoot concepts through a series of brand exercises. The result: a new brand identity system that includes handcrafted logos, brand guidelines, and strategic messaging. The outcome of this process has equipped Tiny Boxwoods Productions with a well-defined strategy for expanding to new environments while delivering on their core brand promise – "to make each and every experience a memorable one."


  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Logo & Brand Identity System
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design/UX
  • Branding Collateral

Tiny's No. 5 Logo and interiorTiny's No. 5 logo sketches and explorationCinnamon RollsTiny's No. 5 Menu and CoastersTiny's No. 5 Mug with logo and Menu Chalkboard Tiny's No. 5 charcuterie board Tiny's No. 5 Lunch Delivery Packaging Tiny's No. 5 Receipt Paper and bagel.Tiny's Milk & Cookies Logo and Cookies Tiny's Milk and Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookie mix Pouch Packaging DesignTiny's Milk and Cookies Heritage Sugar Cookie, Autumn Spice Pumpkin Cookie, and Snowball Powdered Cookie Mix Package design Tiny's Milk and Cookies Ice Cream Mug with LogoChocolate Chip CookiesTiny's Milk and Cookies Milk Jugs and Milk Jar DesignsTiny's Milk and Cookies Paper Shopping bagTiny Boxwood Productions Website Home Page in iMac Tiny Boxwood Productions Home Page designTiny Boxwood Productions Menu Page and Tiny's No. 5 Page age and menuTiny Boxwood Productions Website wedding and delivery page designs Tiny Boxwood Productions Website Mobile Home PageTiny Boxwood Productions Website Mobile Pages