From Rosebud to Roseur

Today, flower ordering and gifting can be completed with the click of a button. Choose from a variety of assortments and the gift arrives to your loved one’s doorstep in a standard commercial corrugated box with the only hint of personalization being a printed salutation on a packing slip.

Roseur, an emerging specialty online florist, is bursting through the e­‐commerce gift industry providing luxury roses that are anything but your typical floral delivery experience. Choosing to focus on color as a language with which to tell a story, each Roseur bud is custom bred for its unique profile, hand­‐picked and professionally arranged with care. Flowers are ordered online at the click of a button, but the ease of service does not forgo the thoughtful details that make the gift unique and memorable for an individual.

The company’s founders Sarah and Allan originally approached CRP during the concept’s infancy with the question, “How can we redefine the contemporary e­‐commerce gifting experience?” To find a solution, Roseur and CRP partnered to transform a traditionally unromantic floral delivery experience into a luxurious moment to be remembered.

For Roseur, individuality and attention to detail are the cornerstones of their brand philosophy. With that in mind, every feature in the design of their signature shipping and gift box is intentional. The custom designed and engineered corrugated shipper incorporates a custom printed ribbon handle and an air vent system, which carries through to the gift box inside. This first moment of truth ensures each recipient is greeted by a fresh and unforgettable aromatic experience.

Inside the shipper, a classic and iconic gift box greets the recipient. The die-­cut lettering of the Roseur name along the side serves as additional ventilation for the delicate roses. When opened, the box unveils a luxurious bouquet whose enormous buds peek from behind a textured wrap, laid in a bed made especially for them. To the left is an introductory care guide booklet, which tells the story of Roseur. To the right is a vial of rose food to keep the blossoms in bloom. At the base of the bouquet is an insert where the same ribbon from the shipper box handle appears again in the form of a pull tab, revealing a custom printed envelope and greeting card addressed personally to the recipient.

CRP pushed conventional production boundaries to bring these details to life. From consistent print quality and finishes—in color, varnish, and pattern direction—to the elevated use of a utilitarian material, CRP rose to the top in developing a range of processes and structural componentry to ensure crisp print registration and secure transfer of product. The overall effect is uniquely experiential—at every touchpoint.

Photography copyright 2016 © Sarah Berends | Roseur Fine Roses

Roseur Box with Bow and Tag

Roseur Box Lid and Side with Logo and Die Cuts

Roseur Box Lid  Open with Logo and Ribbon

Roseur Open Box  With Bottom Detail and White, Sea Salt, Roses

Roseur Gift Box With Envelope and logo

Roseur Envelope and Card Isolated Detail

Roseur Ribbon and scissors

Roseur Box open with Pink, Faint, Roses