Lightbox Feature: Brackish Designs

Brackish, the passion-project of co-founders Andy Whitcomb and Forest Eckley, began with a sofa and has evolved into a singularly stylish interior design company – one that CRP partners with to create some of our clients’ most impactful retail experiences.

From their commitment to using reclaimed and repurposed materials, to their focus on designing simple, clean, inspiring and functional spaces, Brackish’s vision is exactly in-line with the goals that CRP sets forth for many of our projects. Our structural designer and creative director work hand-in-hand with Andy to develop compelling point-of-sale displays, interior design structures and other retail pieces. We feel quite lucky to work alongside Andy, and appreciate the depth and integrity he adds to our collaborations.

For a little background on Brackish, you have to go back to that sofa. Andy and Forest met through their mutual interest in furniture making, and decided to collaborate on a single sofa, which was to be their sole product. But they and their customers loved the results, so the two modified their plan and developed additional pieces, most combining the industrial and raw with the primitive and distressed character of wood. As Andy says, “Wood represents life, and you can see years in it and touch it and feel it and connect with that history. People will always identify with wood.”

They chose the name “Brackish” for this new venture because the word’s definition (“slightly salty, as is the mixture of river water and seawater in estuaries”) spoke to the dual-nature of their existence: much of their time is spent racing through the day-to-day hustle of urban areas, but they also feel a powerful calling to escape to the outdoors whenever possible. This mindset can also be seen in their aesthetic.

Now, their signature blend of vintage and reclaimed materials has made a natural progression into commercial and retail spaces, restaurants, residential settings and even vacation rentals. What’s next for Brackish? Cabins. When you consider Forest and Andy’s passions for interior design and outdoor adventure, beautifully outfitted rental cabins become an obvious outlet for their creativity.

Expect to see more of Brackish’s beautiful work and interiors during the coming year, as CRP looks forward to continuing to partner with them on exciting retail experiences.


Brackish Designs Andy Whitcomb in his wood working studio

Brackish Designs Studio Sign, "Sunday Hootenanny"

Brackish Designs Studio Life Preserver and Monkey Mask

Brackish Designs Wooden Shelving Unit and Ladder In Glasswing Store

Brackish Designs Furniture in Glasswing

Brackish Designs Studio Detail Shots of Nails and "P" letter

Brackish Designs Andy Whitcomb outside of studio