J.Hilburn, a leader in luxury custom-fitted menswear, approached CRP in the fall of 2014 to reinvigorate their direct-selling Stylist division. With a strong grasp on its consumer-facing brand, the company looked to craft a new world-class brand for its sales division that complemented the luxurious, professional qualities for which J.Hilburn is known.

Our team helped them achieve their goal of attracting fashion influencers and entrepreneurial-minded individuals by creating more cohesion between J.Hilburn and JHStylist, enhancing the Stylist recruiting process, and reinvigorating enthusiasm for current Stylists at the company’s annual conference.

Defining a new brand essence, we began by authoring a clear brand positioning strategy for JHStylist, based upon the company’s newly minted mission statement “to inspire a more personal style of life.”

This work set the stage for consequential deliverables, including the development of a new identity, guidelines, and recruitment materials.

Over the course of six months, we conducted photoshoots and interviews with select Stylists, developed and sourced custom appointment materials such as binders and tote bags, produced inspirational videos, and designed a corresponding JHStylist website. Each of these pieces was unveiled at the company’s annual conference in July 2015, for roll-out in 2016.

JHStylist Logo

JHStylist  Quote, "We inspire a more personal style of life."

JHStylist Progress Collage

JHStylist  Website Desktop and Mobile

JHStylist Brand Guidelines Cover

JHStylist Brand Guidelines Interior Color Page

JHStylist Guidelines Stylist Photography

JHStylist Brand Guidelines Typography

JHStylist Brand Guidelines Typography Detail

JHStylist Brand Cover

JHStylist Brand Book, "Make Style Your Life."