Lightbox Feature: Izzy & Ferd

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. We’re always on the lookout for creative brands that are grounded in their identity, who they are, and what they’ve set out to do. One of our latest finds is Izzy & Ferd, named after two supporters of Christopher Columbus’ exploration of the New World, Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II of Spain. As the historical connection of their brand implies, Izzy & Ferd seeks to provide a means for children to explore their curiosities: through clothing.

The company was founded in 2014 by Cindy and Joe Pulido. Cindy has had a passion for clothing and fashion through her grandfather who was a master tailor in Vietnam, while Joe has a love for great story telling. This combination is all too perfect for a children’s clothing brand. Their passions are seen throughout the brand experience. Their website’s simple black and white color palette allows for their bright colored and patterned clothing to be the area of focus. Izzy & Ferd’s use of social media interacts with customers outside the storefront to give families fun, crafty ideas for children to do which is all inspired by their lines of clothing.

The product design is like a story book setting come to life. Their most recent collection is inspired by explorers Lewis & Clark, and features hand drawn patterns from the American frontier, such as galloping mustangs, herds of bison, and oak leaves. These designs are sure to inspire kids – and adults – to be explorers of their own worlds with the comfort of knowing each product is 100% machine washable.

If you’re looking to build a dedicated customer base, think about how your brand can interact with customers on a personal level beyond their purchase. It can be anything from extended services or fun DIY ideas. Keep up the great work, Izzy & Ferd!

Izzy & Ferd Clothing on a little boy

Izzy & Ferd Clothing and sunglasses on little girl

Izzy & Ferd Clothing on little boy with slingshot


All images courtesy of Izzy & Ferd.