CRP + Solutia at LuxePack 2015

We are pleased to announce that CRP will be co-hosting a booth at LuxePack NY alongside premier Italian packaging company Solutia. Our teams originally met at LuxePack 2014, and CRP has since been selected to represent the innovative Italian line in the US. Our 35+ years of innovative packaging expertise, branding, and award-winning customer service paired with Solutia’s fine Italian quality and attention to detail makes for a partnership that is unparalleled in the industry.


Come visit us May 13-14 at NYC’s Pier 92 to see the latest in innovative retail packaging and gain valuable insight from Solutia’s Eraldo Della Santa and CRP’s Kyree Gore and Steve Smith.


Scroll down for a sneak peek of some of the samples that will be on display at the show.

Solutia Carryout Bag

Solutia Cement Bag

Solutia Optical

Solutia Paper Bag

Solutia Ring Box

Solute Book Box

Solutia Book Box