Polish Perfect

As a predominantly female business, we know a thing or two about the art (and frustration) of painting our own nails. For that reason, we were ecstatic to partner with Julep to package their revolutionary nail polishing tool, the Plié Wand. Created to alleviate the common challenge of polishing nails with a non-dominant hand, its ergonomic design offers more stability and ease of use. The wand also features a detachable cap that snaps onto any bottle of Julep nail polish, so it can be used multiple times without cleaning.

Julep asked CRP to design and manufacture upscale packaging for this product that would hold the wand securely in place during shipping and handling. We were responsible for developing the structural components of the box and its foam inserts, which are custom-fitted for the wand and brushes and allow for easy removal. We were able to test drive the product as well, and can happily attest that it works wonders!

For more information and to purchase the Plié Wand, you can visit Sephora, QVC, Julep stores and their website.

Plié Wand Packaging Side and Front view


Plié Wand Packaging Angled View


Plié Wand Packaging and Wand in box