Everything’s Coming Up Roses: The Launch of Kalla Flowers

In the spring of 2013, Kalla Flowers, approached CRP with a challenging proposition for a revolutionary concept in the e-commerce industry.  The company was in search of a partner for the development of a packaging structure that would allow them to ship live material up to 30 pounds within a wide variety of climates. Additionally, the product needed to be a prime example of luxury and ingenuity – something that would “wow” the recipient when it arrived safely and in pristine condition. The challenge excited us.

Kalla is an online floral delivery service that surpasses the traditional models currently in the market. The company provides a tasteful and elegant method to ship flowers. Rather than requiring the recipient to unwrap and set up their own floral arrangement, Kalla flowers arrive in pre-arranged bouquets bloomed to perfection – similar to the experience one might have when purchasing a bouquet in a local, high-end boutique. In addition to the floral arrangement, customers also have the option of adding a bottle of wine and box of chocolates. From live Instagram feeds to personalized customer service, Kalla offers a custom floral experience tailored to the unique needs and interests of both the sender and recipient.

The Kalla box has a swing-door opening that is secured with a magnetic closure. Inside is a drawer that contains a modular foam insert with a slot for the bouquet which can hold a variety of vase shapes and sizes, in addition to wine, chocolate, and the message cards.

Kalla Flowers in Living room, Kalla Isolated, Kalla Flowers with Packaging Suite, Kalla Wine Bottle Packaging, Kalla Envelope

 “Our packaging is obviously an essential part of our brand experience, and [CRP’s] expertise in this field has been crucial to the evolution and success of Kalla.”

– Hani Yassin, CEO // Kalla

“CRP has been a critical partner in the development and execution of the Kalla brand. The entire team has been wonderful to work with and committed to finding solutions to difficult challenges,” says Kalla CEO Hani Yassin.  “Their dedication, from the conception of the brand, has been impressive and truly appreciated. Our packaging is obviously an essential part of our brand experience, and their expertise in this field has been crucial to the evolution and success of Kalla.”


Our team worked alongside advertising and marketing agency R/GA to design the box exterior, which features geometric patterning and original artwork by specially-commissioned artist Yang Yang Pan. The collateral effort involved creating envelopes, message cards, wine bottle wraps, hang tags, and other pieces that brought the entire product together.

Kalla Wine Packaging at Launch Party

Kalla Wine Packaging at Launch Party

“We are extremely proud of the work we have done with Provide Commerce and R/GA,” says our CEO Kathy Bintz. “Kalla shows the breadth of our services and ability to collaborate on specialty projects such as this at various levels – from concept to production.”


Kalla is currently available to residents of Miami, FL, and the company plans on expanding to several other major US cities soon. Our team attended the Miami launch party earlier this month in support of Kalla, for which we provided mini Kalla boxes and bags as gifts for attendees.

Girls at Kalla Launch Party with Party Favors

Kalla Launch Party Party Favors

“For us, this event was a beautiful celebration of a project that was both challenging and extremely rewarding to work on,” says CRP Creative Director Cole Johnston. “We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the team that launched this brand, and we are excited to see what the future holds for Kalla.”

Launch of Kalla Party, Kalla letters in pool

CRP Team at the Launch of Kalla Party


All images courtesy of Kalla Flowers.

To view more, visit: www.facebook.com/Kalla