Ooh La La Dessert Boutique Carry Out Boxes

What Experience Are Your Customers Carrying Out of Your Restaurant?

Between Houston, Chicago, and Seattle, CRP has access to some seriously delicious restaurant scenes. It goes without saying that most of our break room conversations revolve around food. We’re all eager to share our thoughts on “the latest hot spot in the Heights,” or “the best burger in Ballard.” And as packaging gurus, the conversation almost always turns to bags and boxes. “Did you get something to-go? What was it packaged in?” Yes, we’re the people who pay attention to that kind of thing. And there’s nothing more exciting than finding a great restaurant that not only delivers amazing food and stellar service, but who rounds out the whole experience with beautiful packaging.

Houston’s Ooh La La Dessert Boutique is one such establishment that has hit the ball out of the park in terms of carry-out packaging. When CRP first took notice of the boutique bakery, we approached the owner and founder Vanessa O’Donnell to inquire more about the unique brand. Following a life-long passion for sweets and the art of baking, Vanessa opened Ooh La La Dessert Boutique, her first bakery, at the age of 26. Inspired by Vanessa’s branding and attention to detail, we felt compelled to ask if she would be interested in rounding out her experience with custom packaging. To our delight, she was.

“We pride ourselves in high quality desserts and as such, we wanted our customers to have the same experience with our packaging.”

Our first project with Vanessa focused on her primary product: her cupcakes. We created custom printed, recyclable boxes with her logo in two sizes for a single and a dozen cupcakes. To add a personal touch, a message from Vanessa is printed on the inside flap, “Live Long. Be Happy. Eat Cupcakes.” From there, we have continued to collaborate with Vanessa to extend her packaging program to other items. Ooh La La now features custom printed kraft paper bags, coffee sleeves, a beautiful cotton reusable tote, and a cake box that reads “Have your cake, and eat it too!” on the inside lid.

Ooh La La Dessert Boutique Carry-Out Packaging Bag and Box and Box open with Cake

We spoke with Vanessa to ask what spurred her desire to focus on developing a custom packaging program for Ooh La La. Simply put, “Brand recognition,” she replied. “At Ooh La La, we wanted our packaging to complement our desserts. We pride ourselves in high quality desserts and as such, we wanted our customers to have the same experience with our packaging. We want them to be able to use our packaging for their gift giving needs and to develop new clientele because of this.”

Now complete with a tasteful, functional, and affordable carry-out packaging program, Vanessa can rest assured that the sweet experience her customers are able to enjoy within her walls is confidently portrayed once they walk out of the door. And you know we’ll be among the first to sing its praises at the water cooler.